Physical Education
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Physical Education

Childhood and adolescence are the most important developmental stages in life. We believe that comprehensive and systematic physical education training can facilitate brain-body coordination, and thus develop all aspects of the individual.


The 2 main characteristics of our physical education curriculum are:

* Provide students with ample opportunities to take part in different kinds of sports.

* To strengthen student’s physical condition and at the same time enhance skills in special sports events. Rules and strategies of games will be introduced to students, so that they can enjoy the pleasure in being an audience, so as to broaden their interest and lead to a healthy and high quality of leisure life.


Pui Kiu College devotes a twelve-year physical education programme to each student in order to nurture them to become a brilliant generation. Students will be exposed to the most popular sports within the 12 years. Students’ sports sense and life experience will thus be enhanced. Students will be provided with opportunities to choose their own life-long sport. Talented students will also be chosen for extra training to become elite athletes. Hopefully, every Pui Kiu students will be mentally and physically strong to embrace a vibrant life.


We hope that every Pui Kiu student is physically fit with a positive attitude towards life, and develops an active and healthy lifestyle to impress others.


In order to align with the ‘Learning Topics in the Six Strands’ and ‘MVPA60’ Programme, organized by the Education Bureau’s Curriculum Development Institute (Physical Education unit), our school uses badminton, a racket game, as a trial point. School-based units and relevant learning activities are designed in order to enhance students’ learning effectiveness and encourage them to participate in badminton activities beyond school hours.


Our School’s School-based units and relevant learning activities are as followed:

平抽擋 Chinese version only

正手殺球 Chinese version only

正手高遠球 Chinese version only

活動四 Chinese version only


For more information regarding other physical activities and relevant teaching points and learning activities, please refer to the website of Education Bureau’s Curriculum Development Institute (Physical Education unit):