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• The complete music courses aim to build students’ music foundation and their knowledge in 

   different kinds of music and to enhance their interests in music.

G1 and G2 music lessons focus on singing and playing Chinese & Western percussion

   instruments to develop basic performing skills.


• G3 to G6  students develop performing skills through playing Chinese & Western

  instruments. The courses are carried out in small classes. We will hire specialized

  musical instrument teachers to teach, and the fees are already included in the tuition fee.


• Potential students will be chosen to participate in school music teams and open competitions.


• Secondary music curriculum consists of singing, music knowledge, music appreciation and

  creating music.


• Students are encouraged to participate in various kinds of music activities. open competitions

  which allow them to accumulate experience. 


• We provide enough space and instructions for students in order to allow them to express their

   music creativities and talents. 


• In order to widen students’ musical experience, students will be provided with opportunities to

   attend different musical performances to learn about different kinds of music, including

   eastern and western orchestra, pop music, musical plays, ballet, etc.


• We provide good musical facilities and instruments in order to allow students to have a high

   quality music learning environment.


•  We offer  students  opportunities  to  perform  inside/outside  the school and encourage them to

   participate in open competitions which allow them to accumulate experience.


• There are many instrumental classes organized in the secondary section. Students could

   participate in their own preference with discounted fees. The instrumental classes include

   Chinese and western instruments, Pop instruments, hand chimes and musical classes,

   which  provide various music experiences to our students.



Primary music school team


Secondary music school team

Junior Choir
Senior Choir
Chinese orchestra
Western orchestra
Percussion band
Chinese Drum Team
Choir (The Pui Kiu Singers)
Chinese orchestra
Western orchestra
Marching Band
Music club
A Cappella group