Visual Arts
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• To enable students to express their personal feelings and thoughts through  artistic

   presentations;  thus enabling them to give shape to their  emotions,  perspectives

   and responses, and tranforming those invisible elements into art forms.


• To cultivate personal refinement, values and attitudes, self-identity and a sense of

   commitment  towards the community, and to enhance multiple perspectives through

   exploration of the visual arts of diverse cultures;


• To foster students’  creativity and visual sensitivities,  with special emphasis on 

   perceptual,  aesthetic  and  arts experience;


Wide and broad learning for KLS 1- KLS 3 students: they are introduced to the diversity

available. There are specialist teachers for painting, sculpture, design, chinese calligraphy,

new media and photography.


In-depth study for KLS 4 students and outstanding students


Different kinds of visits and art talks by specialists are arranged to broaden students’  horizon.


Exhibitions are held regularly to provide motivation, reinforcement and recognized

achievements of students.





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