Liberal Studies
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Liberal Studies

Since the NSS Curriculum starts in September 2009, the Liberal Studies Curriculum has

already been one of the four core subjects under the new curriculum. Two years have passed,

the curriculum framework, assessment scheme and also the supplementary plans for abilities

training and enhancement have gradually become more comprehensive. 


To comply with the requirements stated in the Curriculum Handbook issued by the EDB, our

curriculum is composed in six modules and the Independent Enquiry Studies (IES). Till the

academic year of 2010 and 2011, different graders have assigned to study different modules

according to their development of their level of recognition and abilities. Diagrams 1 and 2

have demonstrated the system in different ways. For the IES, all G11 students are required to

complete the whole scheme in the year. 


Diagram 1

Diagram 2



The followings are the outline of the rationales of the design of curriculum:


(1)  Learning from surroundings (from self to society, then to nation and the globe) so that the confidence

       in  learning can be gradually established. 

(2) “Inquiry Learning” has been adopted as the learning mode. Daily hot issues are selected as the medium

       and together  with various learning activities to promote thinking in various perspectives and to

       stimulate students’awareness to the world.  (See Diagram 3)       

(3) Great diversity of learning activities (like group discussion and feedback, worksheet, small group project,

       newspaper clipping,  module quiz etc) are used to strengthen students’ abilities in applying key

       concepts and background knowledge to analyze  daily issues.

(4)  “Spiral Learning Pattern” has been introduced to the curriculum of G10 since the academic year of

        2011  and 2012 so as to  further promote the consistence of learning content of different grades.


Finally, in order to prepare the students from junior forms to study the NSS LS Curriculum. Since the

second semester of the academic year of 2010 and 2011, LS elements and curriculum has been

incorporated into the G9 curriculum. And, this scheme has been promoted to G7 and G8 curriculum

in the academic year of 2012 and 2013, so that students from junior forms can master the requirements,

learning patterns and corresponding background knowledge to certain extent before entering the

senior form. 


Diagram 3