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• Stimulate the interest of the students in learning Mathematics


• Guide students to understand and acquire basic mathematical concepts and  

  computational skills 


• Develop the ability to conceptualize, inquire and reason mathematically and to use

   Mathematics to formulate and solve problems in daily life as well as in mathematical

   contexts and other disciplines 


• Using mathematic concepts and skills to solve daily life problems 


• Cultivate a strong sense in number, symbol, space and measurement as well as the 

  capability of appreciating structures and patterns


• Develop a positive attitude towards Mathematics learning and the capability of 

  appreciating the aesthetic and cultural aspect of Mathematics


• Games, models, videos and diversified learning activities are employed to strengthen

   basic mathematical concepts  


• Develop critical thinking and creativity 


•  Exploratory activities to develop high-order thinking abilities 


• Discussions in class is highly valued 


• Students are encouraged to read Mathematics reference books, magazines, journals,

  recreational  books,   history  of  Mathematics  and  biography  of  Mathematicians