Chinese Language
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Chinese Language

• Through scientific methods, the language is taught according to the cognitive 

  development  of language learning. Students will be enabled to grasp the inquiry 

  and self-learning skills rapidly,  and to broaden their knowledge and deepen their thought.

• The content of the curriculum is closely related to life pulse and current affairs. We encourage

   students to express their opinions with an open mind and require them to dare to inquire in order

   to enable them to become a new generation which is honest, independent, and cares about the society. 

• Through the study of beautifully written passages, we aim to enhance students’ language sense and

   ability to appreciate literature. Creativity and enthusiasm in sharing is also highly encouraged.

• Chinese culture is integrated in the curriculum, love of China is being cultivated through inquiry and

  immersion in Chinese learning.

• The language is taught in Putonghua from Grade 1 (primary 1) so students are gradually led to use

  Putonghua to express themselves.

• Integrate reading into the lesson. Through diverse teaching activities, direct students and nurture their

  reading ability throughout the year.