English Language
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English Language

• School-based teaching and learning resources

• Theme-based modules and projects

• Integrated Reading Scheme – quality readers are associated with the themes

   learned  throughout each year.

• General Studies elements incorporated into English Curriculum

• Learning through English- presentation skills, problem-solving, literature appreciation

• Incorporate drama, games, poetry, story-telling, singing and writing competition  in our

   curriculum to improve students’ communication skills in addition to promoting artistic

   appreciation and  creativity

• Create a language portfolio-based assessment system to monitor our students’ progress for

   each module/unit.  The evaluation system focuses on individual development and skills instead

   of overall class aptitude.

English Performance

Primary English Performing Arts (EPA) __Grade 1-6

The primary EPA curriculum consists of four core areas: dance, drama, music and voice. Through EPA, students get to learn some basic drama and music theories as well as how to make use of their voice and body to express feelings. Exposure to different beat types in the dance sessions enables students to improve their own standard of fitness in dance as well as to co-ordinate their body with rhymes and move responsively to instructions and musical notes. Working on different chants, musicals and poems helps to enhance their vocal variety and improve their singing abilities through learning different songs. All these contribute in developing skills such as teamwork and confidence building in students through creative and interactive activities.

In Grade 6 EPA, students work on improving their presentation skills, learn the skills of debate and participate in debating competitions; and work on producing performances with a clear and comprehensible storyline.  They also write scripts which include all the literary elements of character, plot, setting, climax and solution.