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Principal’s Office Team of Pui Kiu College Visited Beijing


During 21-25 October, 2023, Pui Kiu College’s Chief Principal Wu Yuk Chi, Principal Ng Ching Man (secondary section) and Vice Principal Wong Wai Shing visited Beijing No. 35 Middle School, the Ministry of Education, Peking University, Tsinghua University, China Academy of Space Technology, and the People's Education Press for in-depth exchanges.

On 21 October, Chief Principal Wu accompanied 23 students from Pui Kiu College to its sister school, Beijing No. 35 Middle School, to participate in the opening ceremony of this student exchange activity. At the opening ceremony, Chief Principal Wu hoped that the students of Pui Kiu College could learn seriously in this activity, learn more about the latest developmental trends of the country, and make friends. At the same time, Chief Principal Wu also thanked the principal, teachers and parents of Beijing No. 35 High School for their considerate arrangements and for taking good care of the 23 students from Pui Kiu College.

Chief Principal Wu and his team visited the secondary, international and primary sections of Beijing No. 35 MiddleSchool, and had meaningful exchanges with Principal LiuJizhong from the secondary section and Principal Wu Haofrom the primary section. They explored the possibility of continuing their collaboration in terms of curricula, educational resources, and the exchanges of teachers and students.

During this trip, Chief Principal Wu led the principal’s office team to visit Peking University and Tsinghua University, where they met with members of the Admissions Office forHong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. During the meeting, Chief Principal Wu introduced in detail the latest development of Pui Kiu College and the academic performance of the students, and gained better understanding of the admissions process of Peking University and Tsinghua University. After the meeting, the principal’s office team also took the opportunity to visit the alumni students of Pui Kiu College studying in Peking University and Tsinghua University to learn more about their current lives and give them encouragement.

The principal’s office team visited the China Academy of Space Technology, where Secretary Zhao Xiaojin thoroughly introduced the historical development of the Academy, the mission of the times, the tortuous development of China's aerospace industry and its achievements at the present stage. At the same time, the principal’s office team also marvelled atthe satellites developed by the Academy. While understanding the development of China's space technology, they also directly realized the responsibility of the times and the significance of patriotism education behind it. Chief PrincipalWu thanked the Academy for giving Pui Kiu College students many opportunities to learn about aerospace. Both sides are looking forward to more collaboration in the future.

Chief Principal Wu also led the principal’s office team to visit the headquarters of the People's Education Press. People's Education Press has always been a strong supporter of the Chinese Language subject in the primary section of Pui KiuCollege. Chief Principal Wu expressed his sincere thanks to Mr. Huang Qiang, Managing Director of People's Education Press. At the same time, Chief Principal Wu also expressed to Mr. Huang the intention of expanding their collaboration on different subjects, such as Geography and Chinese History. Chief Principal Wu hoped that the People's Education Presscould provide even more support. Mr. Huang highly valued the visit of Pui Kiu College and gave positive response to further future collaboration.

The visit to Beijing conducted by the principal’s office team of Pui Kiu College was a success. It is hoped that there will bemore in-depth and comprehensive collaboration between the school and various organizations in the future so that the school can advance to an even higher level.