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Pui Kiu Educational Foundation Joint School Development Day - Flourishing Developments and Talented Individuals


On November 18, 2023, the Pui Kiu Educational Foundation Joint School Teacher Development Day was held at Shenzhen Hong Kong Pui Kiu College Longhua Xinyi School.


Retired teachers from the Hong Kong Senior Education Workers’ Association, as well as teachers from Pui Kiu Secondary School, Pui Kiu College, Pui Kiu Primary School, and two international kindergartens affiliated with Pui Kiu College, gathered together to attend this Professional Development Day, with a total attendance of over seven hundred people.


Mr. Tsang Yok Sing, Vice Chairman of Pui Kiu Educational Foundation, pointed out that this is the largest event in Pui Kiu's history. It used to be unfathomable that Pui Kiu Educational Foundation could have such a large-scale campus in Shenzhen. With such abundant resources, the institution can organize more teacher-student exchange activities in the future.


Besides of a tour of the facilities and a group lunch at the Shenzhen school, the Teacher Development Day also included a thematic lecture on China's modernization. Outstanding awards for National Education teaching materials were presented on-site as well. We look forward to an even more flourishing and splendid future for Pui Kiu Educational Foundation!